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Flagstaff - Register Now for Emotional Release



When: August 23, 2019

Time: 6:00 -8:30 pm

Where: Twisted Yoga Studios

Join me for this somatic journey to release the body’s buried story. 

This journey will unfold in several layers. 

First, we will begin by consecrating the ground and space we work in so that the stories of our body can emerge safely. Through movement, we will touch into the possibility of freedom and of waking up our true nature. 

As we survey the cellular memory of the body, we will begin to remember the wisdom of trusting the emotions that rise and fall in waves. Through the exploration of our somatic map, we will find the hiding spaces of shame and grief and begin the process of purging our emotional toxicity. 

Finally, we will drop into a sacred space that allows for emotional unwinding and relaxation of the nervous system. It is here that we can surrender and allow our emotional baggage to finally dissolve. 

Why participate? 

Our feelings and emotions often keep us from enjoying and moving forward in life. 
This is because we are not always comfortable unpacking our emotional luggage so we continue to lug it around and end up becoming stuck because of it. 

Emotional release and somatic experiencing tools help you to purge the toxicity from your system in a safe way so that you can live a life that is driven by clarity, balance, and compassion. You will become more aware of your emotions through this experiential journey and come away with an increased capacity to express and deal with emotions you are struggling with. 

Come and join me for this Somatic Journey where you will learn: 

- How unexpressed grief and trauma create toxicity in your body
- 7 Emotional Release tools that you can practice at home
- Sound, breath and movement techniques to move stagnant emotions and tap into your joy!

Here’s What to Expect:
- Group and individual practices
- Somatic experiences to connect mind and body
- Creation of new neural pathways as you release patterns of shame and judgment
- Practices to honor personal, collective, and ancestral grief
- Vigorous Movement 
- Meditation and Guided Integration to restore after the practice

Men, women, and fluid gendered beings are all welcome and will be comfortable in this healing space. 

Facilitator: Veronica Clark, M.S, E-RYT 500, SE Practitioner Candidate

What to bring with you:
- Two large pillows
- Bottled Water
- Journal and pen

What to wear:
Loose comfortable clothing

Reservation: Due to a limited number of places available, plan to book this workshop in advance! 

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