More Orgasms Please...

ok be honest... ORGASM is like a dirty six letter word for you isn't it? Certainly not one you post on Facebook or speak publicly about.

It should be like... private right?

Because people will get the wrong impression if you talk about orgasms and men will think you're "loose" and send inappropriate messages to your inbox. Girls will be super judgey, and probably not invite you to their soirees so might as well keep your dirty word and your desires to yourself.


Orgasms are one of the most natural and beautiful expression of our love and desire for life. For me, I feel more connected to the universal bliss of life, love, and all that is and all there ever will be. That may be too heady for you and if so,

Here are three reasons to get down with more orgasms:

  • Women who orgasm more are more likely to feel secure in their private, public, and business relationships

  • A recent study found that 48% of regular headache sufferers had their pain cured by orgasm.

  • Frequent orgasms are associated with better health. In fact, some research even suggests that orgasm may provide a boost to the immune system.

Wanna know more? Here are two ways:

  1. Ladies - Join me for the Way of the Wild Woman: Fire Woman in Costa Rica. This is happening July 14-20, 2018.

  2. I will be holding a really juice Couple Ecstacy Retreat in October. More to come on that. (no pun intended - ha!)

Last thoughts, start asking for more of what you want. This is a practice. It should be your pleasure to have an orgasm. They really are OMazing and I highly suggest you have a few today.

There is a ton of info out there but I thought I would share some simple resources:

Check out this quick video on the Science of Orgasms

Here’s an interesting article from the Kundalini Yoga lineage

Enjoy as you explore, have fun as you play and remember that the healthier, happier and sexier you feel, the more you will be able to help our world be a better place.

Happy tidings!

[1] Hurlbert, D. F., & Whittaker, K. E. (1991). The role of masturbation in marital and sexual satisfaction: A comparative study of female masturbators and nonmasturbators. Journal of Sex Education & Therapy, 17, 272-282.