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Lauren Bernard

After much travel and moving all around the valley, Lauren loves the roots she and her family have planted, living in Chandler.  She is married to her high school heart throb, Matt, with their two young children, Aidan and Scarlett and their puppy, Luna.  Although only just receiving her 200 hour teacher training certificate in 2016 from Sumits Yoga Chandler, Lauren is neither new to teaching nor yoga.  While studying education at ASU, taking yoga freshman year changed the way she experienced reality.  A devoted yogini for the past 16 year Lauren is forever grateful for the practice for teaching her what the world could not. 

She has had numerous inspiring teachers in person and through study along the path. Lauren continues to be a student as much as a teacher of the mysteriousness of existence and all things naturally nourishing and healing. 

She is passionate in serving others on a journey towards holistic living; in harmony and with greater ease in the world.  Her classes emphasize connecting movement to breath and becoming the observer of the body and mind in the present moment.  In doing so, students translate what is created on the mat to flow with true intention into everyday life.  The practice will have us glowing; feeling stronger and more fluid in body.  It settles the fluctuations of the mind.  We will feel more vibrant and light in heart.  Lauren believes we all deserve to live a life in full expression of purpose and to feel connected, peaceful, and free.