Day 2 Weight Loss Juice: Agni Power

Day 2 Weight Loss Juice: Agni Power 

Agni Power
8-10 whole turmeric roots
2 ½  inch ginger root
1 medium apple
½ lemon

In yoga, the word “agni” refers to fire within the body in the form of digestive juices.

Ginger and turmeric contain medicinal compounds that have been used for healing throughout time. Agni Power creates heat in the digestive track that stimulates bowel movements and detoxification. You will hear me talk a lot about digestion because I am a firm believer that digestive disorders are at the root of many chronic illnesses. Proper digestion is essential to ridding the body of impurities and poisonous substances that can keep us from optimal health.

Benefits of Agni Power:
Supports digestion
Improves fat metabolism
Anti-cancer properties
Antiseptic compounds
Promotes healing

Side Notes:
·        Agni Power is best consumed when prepared with a JUICER and not a blender.  I use the Omega Vert
·        For maximum nutrient intake, juice is best consumed in the morning on an empty stomach
·        Consume approximately ½ to 1 liter of room temperature water prior to drinking Agni Power and wait about 30 minutes after consuming to eat.
·        After juicing, immediately clean turmeric juice from any kitchen appliances or from your hands as turmeric can cause temporary to permanent staining

Cheers to your Health!