When I began practicing yoga with Veronica about a year ago, I was a novice to the world of yoga. I was ignorant of its benefits and had no idea how rewarding it could be. Since then, I have learned so much about various yoga poses and the benefits to my body, including my body’s ability to increase flexibility and fitness through practice. I have now learned enough to begin incorporating yoga into my routine at home as well, modifying my exercises so that my body is more open, relaxed, and ready to take on the world!  ~ Melanie Horlbeck

“Veronica is a natural teacher: infinitely patient, deeply knowledgeable in her field, and an intuitive communicator.  She leads her classes with ease and grace and a special yogic wisdom.” ~  Kyle Kurcharski

Veronica has really helped making a desk job manageable from day to day by offering quick yoga sessions in the office. It is never anything too grueling or requires anything special, but it is the perfect amount of movement to not only challenge me, but to help get my blood flowing and my body comfortable again. Her sessions help wake me up by getting me away from staring at the computer screen and has helped the soreness in my hips and back from sitting all day in an uncomfortable office chair. Her office Yoga sessions have become part of a highlight of my work day! ~ Maile Labor

Veronica is an excellent teacher!  She provides guidance and support in multiple ways:


  • verbal instructions regarding pose, why correct posture/stance is important, and impact on body structure and organs.

  • visual scan of the room to ensure technique, safety, assurance, and concern for the ability of the individual.

  • provides modifications for beginning, intermediate, and advanced class members.

  • Constantly teaching so participant can learn and absorb.

  • Enthusiastic and fresh

Veronica is a gift! Be generous; give to yourself and others by practicing yoga with her.  ~ Beverly Foster


Veronica is a blaze of light.  Her presence is inspirational.  She will instruct you at your level and provides instructions with meaning and purpose.  I feel better when I move my body and feel my feminine energy and strength challenged and nurtured in a manner of minutes. I would recommend having a yoga experience with Veronica. ~ Aileen Balizado

For a first timer, yoga can be extremely intimidating. I know it was for me. For the longest time I was interested in learning about the practice of yoga. However, my fears of not being flexible enough or strong enough, due to an old sports related shoulder injury kept me from taking the chance. I was blessed to have Veronica introduce me to the world of yoga. I learned from her that yoga is truly about inner beauty and inner peace. Through my practice of yoga with Veronica I have gained confidence and learned to use my inner spirit to push myself to my best. Veronica gives you modifications to meet you bodies’ abilities whether you are limited due to an injury or just lack of flexibility. Veronica is an amazing coach! Veronica will strengthen your spirit and your flexibility. Best of all, you will always leave class with a smile on your face. ~ Tracy Lubken

For decades now, I pondered the thought of doing yoga and what it would feel like. I would glance at videos and look at photos that showed people in agile positions and just thought to myself “no way.” I then leaped out on faith when I met Veronica, who invited me to one of her intimate sessions. I was so relieved to discover in my first session with her, that the misconception I carried for years regarding yoga, in that it was for someone small framed, or dancers, or someone fit; was finally put to rest.
Her spirit, sets the tone for “stillness” and “peace” and most important “accomplishment.” Her constant motivatation and support, always taps into new horizons and discoveries and what your mind and body will do. You’ll hear her serene voice repeadetly say, while instructing the next position, “If it’s in your best practice,” which can often be the catalyst for that extra step you make.

Veronica’s gift to touch other’s through her practice is unique. I admire that fact that she exhaults, beauty, poise and certainty, even in the time of adversity. She is an amazing spirit and I am so blessed to be under her direction! ~ Charon Rollon