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Veronica Clark 

Veronica Clark is a mother, entrepreneur, and health nut enthusiast whose mission it is to help others to live their best lives through the cultivation of deep interconnection.

With vast experience in banking, real estate and various entrepreneurial endeavors, it was Veronica‚Äôs  exposure to yoga and meditation that connected her to her calling as a healer.

Her yoga practice started as a way to heal her own struggle with anxiety and depression that stemmed from years of sexual trauma from childhood into her teens.  It was through the discipline of yoga, meditation and breath work that she was able to reconnect with herself; renewing passion and zeal for life. She dedicated her renewed life to the healing arts, desiring to help others feel that same connection that had brought her so much healing and strength.

Veronica is an inspiring speaker and teacher specializing in holistic health and deep intimacy through breath work and meditation.