It's Time to Hit the Reset Button

The onset of a new year typically represents a fresh start, an opportunity to change the things that didn't go so well the prior year, and a renewed spark of hope to bring forth dreams unrealized.

But here's the truth of the matter, if we go into the "new" year with the same "old" mind and frame of thinking, we will create the same results.

How can the outcome possibly be different if the way that we think has not changed?

We would be fooling ourselves once again into believing that the resolutions are going to stick this time. That the gym membership isn't going to be a waste of money, that the relationship with our children or partner is going to improve, that this is the year that we'll get out of debt.

I hate to burst your bubble but without a significant shift in perspective and in the way we think, we are bound to repeat the same cycles that showed up in our lives the year before and probably the year before that.

But you know this. Somewhere deep inside of us, bullshit aside, we all know this.

I know this because I've been there far too many times.

I realize now that the difficult part of changing the way that we think is often in accepting the fact that there are flaws in the way we think.

Admitting this to yourself can cause some internal embarrassment and might throw you into some shame spirals but if you can stay present and move through that initial discomfort, you can transition into the next stage: choosing to release old habits of mind.

"Choice" is more powerful than most people realize because it is in the simple act of choosing that we begin to increase our aperture for bringing greater possibilities into our field. Increase your aperture, and you can magically bring everything into focus.

Choose to Start Thinking Differently Today.    

Here’s how:

1. Acknowledge that there are flaws in your thinking.

2. Identify and write down one major flaw in each of these categories: Relationships - Money - Business. Leave a space in between each section for the writing in step four.

Be really specific here by identifying the exact flawed thought and the people involved if applicable. Thinking is intricate and nuanced so being clear and honest are the key to your success if you want to disassemble the flaws.

3. Change your state. Turn up your creative juices and find a clear space to jump up and down; dance; move; and get as wild as you can for at least three minutes or until you start to break a sweat. If sounds come to your throat, let them roar. Releasing sounds from the throat is equivalent to releasing blocks that could be influencing your flawed thinking. If you are going to change the way you think, you have to change your physical stature to rewire the mind/body connection.

4. Go back to the three categories and write down three new ways to think that align with your truest intention for that category. Be clear and specific. Now that you have changed your state and have released endorphins, you can more easily access your creativity and start creating new brain pathways that allow for improved thinking. You are already on your way to a more fulfilling and abundant life!

5. Take action. Begin to apply your new thinking immediately. You may notice that you default and go back to old ways of thinking when initially attempting to apply your new framework but this is totally normal. The key is to notice when this is happening and then redirect yourself.

Our lives are a culmination of the choices we made based on the way we think and what we believe to be true for us.

I believe that this is going to be the year that you get your finances in order and you're free of debt. I believe that this is the year you start to thrive and get out of survival mode. What do you believe?

Choose to set the reset button and start living your best life now!

I'm rooting for you!                                                                                                                   


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